NovFeed (T) Limited is a Tanzania based private limited company founded in 2017 and it is officially registered and incorporated in 2020 with registration number 140907928 under the Companies Act of 2002. NovFeed uses data-driven analytics to convert post-consumer food waste to produce new cost-effective, sustainable, and high protein feed and organic fertilizer using biological factories including but not limited to, the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), crickets, worms, duckweeds, Azolla. Our experienced scientists guarantee the highest fish feeds, specifically tailored to the requirements of each individual fish species in each stage of life while offering farmers with a wide range of services.

The Company is located and operates in Dar es Salaam with a production Unit located at Kibamba ward Ubungo Municipal.


To ensure adequate and affordable fish-based nutrition for rural families”

  1. Mission

To scientifically formulate the number one organic animal feed used by rural farmers globally”

  1. Our Value, Our DNA

The NovFeed Values have emerged from our team and reflection of our culture. Ranging from Excite our customer with feed made from insect all way to ‘care about mother Earth’

 1.  Excite our customer with feed made from insect

  •  Create excellent products
  •  Supply quality fish feed reliably
  •  Turn customers into an ambassador

2. Provide a safe environment

  • Put personal safety first
  • Ensure product safety all the time
  • Be inclusive and open-minded

3.  Care about mother Earth

  • Strive for impact toward a low footprint society
  • Be conscious toward all living creatures
  • Be inspired to learn from nature.

4.  Accountability

  • Be accountable for output and performance
  • Engage in developing the company
  • Mentor each other toward excellent

5.  Industrial Pioneer

  • Challenge and improve food and feed systems
  • Innovate through the rapid learning cycle