The NovFeed products range is simple, wholesome, organic and 100% natural just the way nature intended it. We have two core products.


Fish feed made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae which is a great source of proteins/fats, energy, vitamins, and minerals. This substitutes the use of soya beans meal and fish meal (omena) for better results with the following benefit.

  • High-quality sustainable feed
  • Increased feed intake
  • Low FCR
  • High palatability


NovSoil+ is the larval residue or compost that is left over at the end of our process. High in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K), it is a valuable, organic soil conditioner.

NovSoil+ has proved to

  • Increase yield and health of vegetable and fruits tree
  • Have bio-stimulant property
  • Facilitate Plant nutrient absorption
  • Improve overall soil microflora