NovFeed at COP 28 UAE

NovFeed was pleased to stand with 24 other young innovators chosen by UNICEF Innovation30 at COP28. We had the amazing chance to present our ground-breaking climate solutions—presented in a holographic box by NovFeed CEO, Diana Orembe—to world leaders and decision-makers.

Our attendance at COP28 demonstrated the critical role that young entrepreneurs and start-ups play in bringing about significant change in the direction of sustainability. Through NovFeed innovative solutions like sustainable feed alternatives for aquaculture and Biofertilizer, addresses critical challenges facing our planet, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting responsible resource consumption. By showcasing our work at COP28, we not only gained exposure but also amplified our impact on a global scale, inspiring others to join us in the fight against climate change.

To scale up innovative youth-developed climate solutions and create the foundation for a sustainable future, collaboration between the government, corporate community, and innovation community has proven essential. And the innovation community at COP28 emphasized the urgency of collective action in combating climate change. By uniting efforts and driving innovation, we can create a more resilient and sustainable world for generations to come.

We extend our deepest gratitude to UNICEF Innovation30 and its esteemed partners for granting us this extraordinary opportunity. 


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