Products & Services

NovFeed supports the growth of the fish feed and fish farming industry while offering a wide range of services

Feasibility Studies

We perform feasibility study for the establishment of proposed fish farming aquaculture project

Technology Transfer

NovFeed through its global partnership and expertise transfer respective technology that maximize fish farmers production efficiency

Consulting On-the-field

We provide on site consulting and routinely follow project operation and provide technical inspection. NovFeed expert conducts periodic visit to the fish farm, making sure that the project operate at its maximum efficiency

Datafying fish Farmers

We collect farm data and use it to advise farmers on the best practices to improve their yield.

NovFeed Protein

NovFeed protein is a family of natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredients for fish and livestock that is being developed to help meet the growing global demand for protein. Produced via a natural fermentation, it is non-GMO, price competitive with existing sources of protein and produced to the highest quality standards.

- Complete protein source with 70% crude protein
- 97% fish survival rate
- NovFeed a very stable dry product with a long shelf life, with complete traceability.
- Highly digestible and Palatable
- Gut health
- Low FCR


EcoVita is microbial liquid left over at the end of our process. High in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K), it is a valuable, organic soil conditioner.

EcoVita has proved to
- Increase yield and health of vegetable and fruits tree
- Have bio-stimulant property
- Facilitate Plant nutrient absorption
- Improve overall soil microflora


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